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June brings sunshine, flowers, and the tantalizing promise of summer. It’s also a month rich with opportunities for food lovers and merchants alike, thanks to a plethora of national food holidays. From National Egg Day (June 3) to National Smoothie Day (June 21), this month is packed with days dedicated to celebrating takeout favorites. For merchants, these June food holidays present a golden opportunity to engage customers, boost sales, and create memorable experiences.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a grocery store manager, or a ghost kitchen connoisseur, Grubhub’s National Food Holiday Calendar outlines many opportunities for merchants to run promotions. Take a look at how you can use June’s top food holidays to boost sales.

Download the National Food Holiday calendar

Top food holiday promotions for your June marketing strategy

June brings a handful of favorite food holidays including National Cheese Day and National Food Truck Day. June is also National Candy Month, National Dairy Month, and National Iced Tea Month. Incorporating a June food holiday into your marketing plan is a great way to ring in summer and draw attention to certain areas of your menu.

June 3: National Egg Day

National Egg Day is the perfect time to showcase your breakfast offerings. Offer 15% off all breakfast items with eggs to draw attention to your morning menu. Increase early delivery orders by running a promotion on Grubhub for your egg dishes.

June 4: National Cheese Day

Say cheese! This national food holiday is a favorite for cheese lovers everywhere, making it a can’t-miss marketing opportunity for merchants. Celebrate this holiday by offering a free cheesy side with every entree. Make sure you post about your offerings on social media so your diners know where they can score their cheesy fix.

June 7: National Donut Day

National Donut Day is a great time to turn some attention to your bakery menu. This holiday is widely celebrated by businesses, so it’s important to have an irresistible offering to make your menu stand out. Give a free donut to any customer who’s part of your loyalty program. You can also extend the freebie by giving a donut to customers who post about your donuts on their social media.

June 12: National Falafel Day

Run a social media contest on National Falafel Day to boost your business’ online presence. Post a photo of your mouth watering falafel dish to your social media account and randomly select a follower who comments on your post to win free falafel. Ask diners to tag a friend in the comments of the post to increase your reach. 

June 16: Father’s Day

Father’s Day is an excellent occasion for restaurants to honor dads with special promotions and unique dining experiences. Create a hearty, dad-approved menu with dishes such as gourmet burgers, steaks, and craft beers. Make father figures feel extra special by offering discounts or complimentary items, such as a free appetizer, drink, or dessert.

June 21: National Smoothie Day

Looking to bring more orders to your juice joint on National Smoothie Day? Give away free smoothies! Offer a BOGO deal to encourage diners to get their smoothie fix at your spot. BOGO offerings are a great way to increase patronage as your loyal customers convince their friends and family to take advantage of the deal. 

June 28: National Food Truck Day

National Food Truck Day is a great time to get involved with your community. If you run a food truck, host a community event with a special menu, games, and live music. Brick-and-mortar businesses can partner with a local food truck and adapt their menu for a new audience.

Run a “Summer Deals” promotion

We’re kicking off summer with a week of deals from June 17 – June 23. Join in on the fun and schedule a dollar-off promo on cold drinks, summer salads, and more to satisfy customers’ cravings for a great deal.

Grubhub partners can launch a Summer Deals promotion to drive more orders. Set up your promo in just a few simple steps:

  1. Log into your Grubhub for Restaurants admin account
  2. Click “Marketing” and “Promotions manager” to set up a promotion
  3. Select “Summer Deals” as your goal type
  4. Launch the offer and watch orders roll in

Boost June orders with Grubhub

June brings summer vibes and numerous food holidays, offering merchants a chance to engage customers and boost sales. Each holiday, from National Donut Day to Father’s Day, provides unique marketing opportunities to attract new patrons and reward loyal customers. Use these festive food holidays to stand out and enhance customer engagement.

Whether you run a restaurant, grocery store, or food truck, Grubhub can help your business reach more customers this June. Sign up for Grubhub or log into your Grubhub for Restaurants account to create irresistible deals for your diners today.

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