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As a restaurant, your online presence is the number one way potential diners can find you. With one quick Google search, a hungry diner can go from browsing your restaurant’s offerings to placing an order. That’s why it’s essential to make sure your restaurant’s Google Business Profile is accurately updated.

Did you know that you can control what website links go into your Business Profile? On top of highlighting hours, your address and pricing, your profile should give easy access to your restaurant’s online ordering platform. This empowers restaurant owners to turn Google searches into satisfied customers.

Why does your restaurant need Google Business?

Polishing your Google Business listing will allow your restaurant to gain more visibility online. Your Business Profile appears in both Google Maps and the local results of Google Search. Local results populate based on the searchers location, highlighting the top restaurants that fit the searched description in the area. It’s usually the first thing potential diners see when they search for your restaurant, so it’s important to make sure it accurately reflects your brand while prioritizing accessible ordering.

Restaurants can authenticate their Business Profiles through Google My Business. When you create a Google My Business account you can manage your restaurant’s Business Profile, including updating your profile’s links to feature your online ordering site to convert more potential customers. In fact, your Business Profile can be optimized in many ways to help make your business stand out.

Where exactly do your link additions appear on Google? Below, we will show you where your customers can find you when using Google:

How to upgrade your Google Business links

When your restaurant is searched for on Google, its Business Profile will appear at the top of the results. Within this Business Profile are buttons that link to more information about your restaurant. There are three main places where you can optimize your business links: the “website” button, the “order online” button and the menu line.

Update your “website” link

Your website link is the go-to spot for customers to click when they search your site. It’s the first link listed on your Business Profile, so it’s important to make sure it goes directly to your restaurant’s website.

Don’t have a restaurant website? You can create your own customized restaurant website with Direct when you partner with Grubhub. With Direct, you can create your own commission-free ordering site so that customers can go from browsing your website to placing an order all in one place.

Update your “menu” link

Updating your menu link allows customers to go directly to your online order site. Your restaurant’s Business Profile will specifically highlight this link so diners can be directed to place an order through your website.

Specify your preferred link

Your restaurant’s preferred link shows up first when you click the large blue “order online” button, and is the link that is automatically featured in Google ordering. This is the primary link you want your customers to order from, and Google will place it before other online ordering options to encourage customers to order from the preferred link.

Your preferred link should go to an online ordering platform that can efficiently compile orders without taking away from your bottom line. That’s why many restaurant owners are turning to Direct, a commission-free online ordering site that can be customized to fit your restaurant’s brand. By setting your restaurant’s Direct site as the preferred link, you can drive more commission-free orders directly to your restaurant.

Update your Google Maps link

Another way a potential customer may search for your restaurant is on Google Maps. When your restaurant is searched for on Google Maps, its Business Profile will appear. This profile features basic information about your restaurant and buttons that link out to your menu and website. The “order online” button will go to your preferred link, allowing customers to instantly place an order from your restaurant.

Boost your restaurant’s visibility with Google Business integration

Updating your Business Profile just got a lot easier with Direct. When you create a customized, commission-free online ordering platform with Direct, you get access to a comprehensive dashboard where you can update your Google Business links all in one place. 

On average, restaurants who have linked their Direct site on their Google Business profile see 18x more average daily orders via their Direct site than those who do not link their Business Profile.* What are you waiting for? Get started with Direct today.

Ready to bring more visibility to your restaurant? Make sure to update your Google Business links to capture prospective diners through Google searches. And if you’re looking for more ways to reach hungry diners, partner with Grubhub to grow your online presence.

The Direct Success Playbook by Grubhub

*Data compares average daily orders on the Direct platform during the period from 05/25/2021 to 08/09/2022. The foregoing statements are intended to serve as illustrative examples and are not guarantees of performance. No representations or guarantees of performance are made herein.