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Offering an exclusive special for delivery is a great incentive for customers to use your food delivery service.

Here how delivery-only promotions can help you increase revenue, expand your customer base, and differentiate you from your competition.

Build Your Operation

Your marketing efforts and good reputations have convinced a customer to try out your food delivery service. Good job!

In order to sustain a successful food delivery operation, however, you’ve got to entice that customer to continue ordering from you.

Delivery-only promotions are perfect for retargeting prior delivery customers. If the patron had a great experience before, an exclusive delivery offer may remind them, and prompt additional orders.

Introduce Delivery to Existing Customers

Your regular dine-in customers may not be aware that you have delivery service.

Grubhub’s LA Regional General Manager, Jeff Smith, suggests passing out menu guides to introduce delivery service on a busy night when customers are waiting to be seated.

Offering the option of delivery (with an exclusive special) gives existing customers an additional way to enjoy your food next time, while thanking them for their patience today.

Differentiate Your Restaurant

Due to skyrocketing demand, more and more restaurants are seeing delivery as a required service. While this is good news for customers, it is saturating the market with delivery options, making it difficult for restaurants to stand out.

A 10% – 15% discount on first-time delivery orders may help restaurants differentiate themselves from this increasingly fierce competition (Grubhub).

Reach New Customers

Likely, there are potential customers who haven’t been to your restaurant—for a variety of reasons.

Don’t let excuses such being busy, having small children or a preference to dine at home prevent them from sampling your delicious food.

Offer them an enticing delivery-only special, and you might just open up a whole new customer base.

Foster Loyalty

More and more, customers are driven by convenience. They may be tempted to try out a new restaurant’s enticing delivery-only offer because their favorite establishment doesn’t offer delivery service.

This provides an excellent opportunity to not only satisfy that customer on this order, but possibly establish a purchasing habit that, over time, converts that customer completely.

Fill in the Gaps

Delivery-only specials can be strategically timed to balance out invariable lulls you will experience in the dining room.

For instance, a great promotion for delivery service can pick up the dining room slack on traditionally slow week days.

Or they can be used to capitalize on sporting events, holidays, or inclement weather conditions that keep people at home rather than at your restaurant.

Exclusive delivery promotions are just another incentive to satisfy a public hungry for convenience and value.

In addition to boosting your delivery operations, these marketing efforts will spill over to positively impact your overall business and advance your restaurant’s brand.

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