Overcoming the Top 4 Delivery Obstacles in Your Restaurant

The food delivery service trend is surging throughout America—and not just in urban areas.

Three out of five Americans order delivery or take-out at least once a week, and sales are on track to reach $12.5 billion by 2019.  

Yet, some restaurant owners can encounter a few bumps on the road to successful food delivery service.

Read on to discover four ways to clear the path and reach your restaurant’s delivery goals.

#1: Deliver Speedy Service

Customers have lower tolerances waiting for food delivery than tableside service. The majority who use online food delivery systems say that speed is a “key factor in overall satisfaction.”

Try these strategies to be right on time with food deliveries:

  • Look for faster or alternate routes to use during rush hour. Monitor traffic and road conditions.
  • Use online delivery technology to halve ordering process time. It also provides order status and ETA updates to customers.
  • Try third-party delivery backup to help staff drivers handle a surge in delivery orders.
  • Outsource delivery completely to a pro. Grubhub provides a network of reliable drivers on-demand, manages orders, and takes care of compensating and insuring drivers.

#2: Sweat the Logistical Details

Ask yourself these questions when planning your successful delivery operation:

  • Where will your delivery boundaries be? Consider location, area traffic patterns, and population density.
  • Are there items on your menu not suited for delivery? There may be a few. Create a separate menu for deliveries and take-out.
  • What packaging do you need? Plan to maintain your freshness, temperature, and quality by using the proper materials and techniques for packaging orders.

#3: Keep Your Staff Happy

Your staff will either champion your delivery service or doom it. Do all you can to keep them motivated. Your delivery goals are possible only with their help and follow through.

  • Make training an ongoing priority. Share best practices from order taking, to preparation, to expediting, to packaging, to delivery, and overall customer service.
  • Value everyone on the delivery team. Express how important deliveries are to your overall business success, and how important their role is in helping you achieve your goals. Reward them when they go above and beyond to fulfil a delivery order.  
  • Help them do their jobs better. Implement online ordering technology that streamlines the entire delivery process and helps everyone work most efficiently.

#4: Boost Delivery Efficiencies

Perhaps you already have some sort of a delivery system in place. Yet, maybe it is not operating at peak efficiency, or producing the type of results you expected.

Here are several things to consider:

  • Make sure your restaurant is easy to find. People like to order online. Make sure your website comes up on search engines, is easy to navigate, and you have a presence on social media, food review sites and menu databases
  • Expand your market. Partner with Grubhub to add to your customer base. For instance, restaurants in Minneapolis and Houston had, on average, 68% and 75% (respectively) new customers in just the first six months of joining Grubhub.
  • Increase profits. Leveraging online ordering technology pays off. Restaurants report a 30% increase in takeout order volume after partnering with Grubhub.

We hope these tips will help you blaze your own path to success in food delivery: the next frontier of the restaurant industry.

Go forth and prosper!

Download your roadmap to success: The Restauranteur’s Guide to Delivery.

Image: Pixabay and Pexels