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Earlier this year, we teamed up with Amazon to give Prime members 1 year of Grubhub+ free. On October 11th and 12th, during Prime Early Access Sale, we’re sweetening the deal by offering Prime Grubhub+ members 20% off Grubhub orders of $15 or more (up to $10) — which means new customers and orders could be heading to Grubhub. 

Advantages of Grubhub+ and what this means for your restaurant

In addition to $0 delivery fees on eligible orders, Grubhub+ members get access to member-only rewards. They also enjoy a donation match on Grubhub+ orders through Grubhub’s Donate the Change program, which raised more than $25 million in 2021 alone, benefiting more than 20 charitable organizations.

Customers support hundreds of thousands of local and independent restaurants and drivers around the country when they order delivery on Grubhub. Our Grubhub+ members have placed hundreds of millions of orders on the Grubhub Marketplace to date, driving additional sales to restaurants and bringing more earnings opportunities to our delivery partners.

Restaurants with access to Grubhub+ will also be tagged and featured in the specified GH+ category on our web and mobile app, making it super easy for customers to find them. 

For more information on the offer, click here.

Demand management 

New customers and more business can be incredibly profitable—but only if you’re ready. As more customers opt to have their meals delivered, owners and managers are looking for new ways to tighten up their restaurant delivery operations and prepare for times of high demand. Click here to learn how to efficiently manage order volume and increased demand to maximize your business and customer satisfaction.

Join now as Grubhub and Amazon team up to bring new customers to you 

The time has never been better to provide your restaurant the new technologies and streamlined systems it deserves. Whether you’re new to Grubhub or have been a part of the Grubhub+ ecosystem for some time, you could expect new customers and more orders as a result of this offering.

Grubhub provides the flexibility of choosing your own marketing rates, so you take advantage of Grubhub in the way your restaurant deems fit. Make sure your restaurant is discoverable on Grubhub to capture the influx of new Grubhub+ members.