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What We’ll Do For You

Put your restaurant online.

You’ll join more than 45,000
restaurants accepting orders
online through our system.

Enhance your exposure.

With restaurants in more than 1,100 U.S.
cities, we use our brand
to promote your local one.

Send you orders.

We process an average of 271,100 orders daily nationwide, and we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Take It From Them

“As soon as we started up with GrubHub, the orders just went through the roof. Right now about 75% of our orders come in through GrubHub Seamless. I’m thankful for GrubHub being my partner.”
Land and Sea Restaurant – New York
“GrubHub continuously updates their technology to come up with new and more efficient ways. They connected us with the younger generation that regularly uses the Internet, increasing our delivery business.”
Mrs. K’s Koffee Shop – Philadelphia
“OrderHub has made things much more efficient. I can free up resources from the telephone. We can just click a few buttons very easily—it’s more cost efficient and fast for us.”
Hot Woks Cool Sushi – Chicago
“We are very happy we partnered with GrubHub. Your customer service team is second to none in this business.”
Kamin Thai Fusion Cuisine – Los Angeles

Who We Are

All for one. All for you.

We own and operate four distinct brands with an audience made up of millions of potential diners. Once you’re listed on our site, we’ll do our best to expose your restaurant to the ones that matter.

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What We Bring Your Restaurant

Online Ordering

Accept orders through our mobile app, websites and even your own custom site.


Television, billboards, radio, digital, social media and more, all working to bring you more orders.


New tools, like our OrderHub, will streamline and simplify your transactions and order management.

How it Works:

Diners on our sites browse your menu and place an order from their computer or mobile app. Once that’s done, our system sends you the order to be made and delivered just like you do now. The only difference is that you’ll be doing it more often.

Additionally, you’ll only pay on orders we send you. So, you’ll pay nothing until we deliver results.

Social Media:

With hundreds of thousands of followers across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more - we connect directly to potential customers and send them your way.


We’re on TV. And it works. Our national television campaign brings more people to our site, and when they come, you’ll be ready and waiting to take their orders.


Our order management tablet and software will make accepting, updating and organizing your orders easier than ever.


With our DeliveryHub app, your drivers can update customers about their orders and even have new deliveries assigned to them instantly.

90 percent of GrubHub diners have discovered a new restaurant on GrubHub.

Download The Restaurateur’s Guide to Online Ordering and start reaching new customers.

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A Decade of Proven Results

Our success stories are best told by those who have benefited most: restaurant owners like you.

We're also committed to letting our restaurants know about trends and practices in the industry. Just look at our Blog or our Restaurant Tools page.

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