The Direct Success Playbook

Learn how to effectively drive traffic and maximize the potential of Direct, your commission-free ordering site.

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Get key insight into how to elevate your digital brand & increase sales with Direct

Cooking up a successful digital presence isn’t complete without online ordering. In this guide you will learn how to:

  • Boost commission-free online ordering with Direct
  • Establish cohesive online branding with a restaurant website
  • Drive conversions with promotion and loyalty tools
  • Attract new diners with proven marketing tactics

It’s time your restaurant brand stood out online. Restaurants with Direct linked on their website typically see 72x more average daily orders than those who don’t have Direct linked on their site.*

The Direct Success Playbook by Grubhub

Make the most out of Direct

You are one step closer to maximizing your restaurant’s online ordering potential.

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*Data compares average daily orders on the Direct platform during the period from 05/25/2021 to 08/09/2022. The foregoing statements are intended to serve as illustrative examples and are not guarantees of performance. No representations or guarantees of performance are made herein.

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