Grubhub’s guide to building a resilient restaurant

Download our guide to learn how you can make your restaurant even more resilient by diversifying with delivery

If there’s one word to describe restaurants over the last two years, it’s resilient. Restaurant owners like you have been flexible, dynamic and creative throughout the pandemic. A lot has changed during this time and there’s still more to learn about the new normal of the restaurant industry.

84% of restaurant operators report lower-than-normal staffing levels.

80% of restaurant industry growth over the next five years will come from off-premise spending, according to industry analysts back in 2019.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently reported a 5% jump in year-over-year food costs for restaurants and consumers.

Grubhub’s guide to building a resilient restaurant is a free resource that highlights the resilience of the industry and ways to future-proof your restaurant.

Hear from restaurant owners and operators like you:

“We had just come off a great run as far as revenue and creating a buzz for our restaurant. We had this atmosphere of excitement and then on March 13, everything in Chicago shut down. We saw this abrupt darkness happen in the industry and in our restaurant, and we had to transition to find a way to create new orders.”

— Terri Evans, Owner, Windy City Ribs, Chicago

“The biggest challenge was just knowing if we were going to survive or not. We are located in Times Square, which was probably one of the hardest-hit neighborhoods in the nation. Being the General Manager, I watched our team go from being very large to becoming very small quickly.”

— Jeff LaPadula, General Manager,
      P.S. Kitchen, New York City

Inside this free guide, you’ll find:

Insights from independent restaurant operators across the United States on the challenges they faced during the pandemic and how they are using off-premise ordering to build a resilient restaurant.
Tips for building a resilient restaurant by tapping into off-premise dining and using the latest digital tools to future-proof your restaurant.
Details on how Grubhub is serving restaurants with a variety of delivery services to meet your individual needs and help diversify your business.

Learn how off-premise dining can help you build a resilient restaurant and navigate an unpredictable future