How to expand your dining room—digitally

Learn how to reboot your restaurant online in Ask the Experts: The Direct Path to a Digital Restaurant Presence, an ask-me-anything webinar hosted by Grubhub and Restaurant Dive.

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Start thinking of your site or app as an extension of your dining room. It’s important! You need a strong digital presence to reach customers, build loyalty, and maximize revenue.

In this webinar, you’ll get insight into the social media and marketing strategies deployed by other restaurant brands.


Nearly ⅔ of diners surveyed say that an appealing app or website is important.


of consumers surveyed indicated 
they would increase order frequency if offered promotions or discounts.


of consumers surveyed said a
restaurant social media 
presence is important when deciding where to order.

restaurat marketing webinar

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Advice from a restaurateur who already found success
  • A speaker panel that includes an app powerhouse
  • Key results of a new restaurant industry survey report
  • Restaurant operators getting answers to key marketing questions
  • Tips on how to leverage a Direct partnership to strengthen your marketing efforts and boost diner conversion

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Learn how to strengthen your online presence and grow your business overall.

Muhammad Akbar
Owner, Naan’n’Curry

Muhammad Akbar and his family opened Naan’n’Curry in San Francisco in 2002, fueled by a passion for hospitality and a desire to share their food and culture. After several years of success and blessings, the family opened a second Naan’n’Curry in Concord, where they hope to grow and bring true, authentic flavors to the diverse Easy Bay area.

William Ezekowitz
Senior Product Manager, Grubhub

William Ezekowitz joined Grubhub about four years ago. He started out working on branded ordering apps for enterprise brands, including KFC and Smoothie King. William is now the product owner of Grubhub Direct Starter, a Grubhub-powered online ordering site for individual restaurants.

Chris Trani
Manager of Operations, Grubhub

Chris Trani joined Grubhub just over six years ago as an account executive. In this role, Chris helped restaurant owners navigate their online ordering experience. He was recently promoted to Manager of Operations, working to properly onboard restaurants and their owners onto the Grubhub platform.

Samantha Ullrich-Mack
Restaurant & Hospitality Marketing Consultant

Samantha is a passionate, self-directed branding executive with proven experience designing, building, and running marketing and PR planning in the restaurant and hospitality industries. A trusted business expert, Samantha boasts an innate ability to drive ROI through innovative planning and approach.

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