How P.S. Kitchen uses Grubhub to drive 70% of total delivery orders

Nestled right outside Times Square in downtown Manhattan sits a chic restaurant cooking up a menu that’s a little different.

P.S. Kitchen is a New York City restaurant with a sophisticated plant-based menu featuring vegan twists on traditional wraps and burgers. They use fresh ingredients and Beyond Meat to create mouthwatering smokey BBQ burgers, chicken caesar wraps, salads, french fries, and more.

A fresh vegan menu isn’t the only thing that makes P.S. Kitchen unique. The restaurant’s mission is to leverage the power of earth-conscious food and serve the city. They do that by donating 100% of profits to sustainable non-profit work and hiring marginalized workers from the city.

When P.S. Kitchen wanted to bring their vegan dishes and bold mission to new diners, General Manager Jeff LaPadula turned to Grubhub Delivery. Jeff knew that New Yorkers already relied on Grubhub, so he listed P.S. Kitchen on Grubhub Marketplace so that customers could easily place orders. Partnering with Grubhub took the stress off P.S. Kitchen to coordinate and run their own delivery service.

P.S. Kitchen found a partner in Grubhub and new customers with an expanded delivery zone

As a restaurant located right in the heart of Manhattan, delivery is essential to reaching a wide array of hungry customers. Yet, organizing delivery across the city wasn’t something the busy restaurant could invest in while upholding its mission.

That’s why P.S. Kitchen turned to Grubhub Delivery to ease their workload back when they opened their doors in 2017.

Jeff connected with their Grubhub Account Advisor to get personalized support with optimizing their delivery strategy to maximize revenue. “We have been able to expand our Grubhub delivery zone because of our Account Advisor’s help,” Jeff said. “That’s helped us reach more customers while also protecting the quality of our food.”

Image of  P.S. Kitchen staff

“70% of our delivery orders come from Grubhub.”

Jeff LaPadula, General Manager, P.S. Kitchen

Grubhub Delivery has helped P.S. Kitchen share its values and tasty dishes with customers across New York City. In fact, between March 2021 and August 2021, 46% of P.S. Kitchen’s Grubhub orders have come from new customers.

P.S. Kitchen trusts Grubhub’s professional delivery drivers

Jeff relies on Grubhub’s professional delivery driver to safely and quickly get his food to his customers while also protecting the quality of his dishes. 

When a Grubhub order is placed at P.S. Kitchen, Jeff can trust that a driver will arrive on time to pick up the order once it is ready. The order then gets delivered to customers efficiently in insulated bags, ensuring that the diner will be satisfied with their meal.

“When we mark something is ready for delivery, a Grubhub Delivery driver is here within minutes,” Jeff said. “This helps keep our customers happy as well as protects our food quality.”

“Grubhub Delivery is a well-oiled machine. Grubhub’s professional drivers and insulated bags absolutely protect our food quality, even as delivery demand increases.”

Jeff LaPadula, General Manager, P.S. Kitchen

Get started with Grubhub Delivery

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