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According to Grubhub, orders from kids’ menus have increased 40% over the last six years.

Read on to discover why offering a kid’s menu can make your restaurant more attractive to families.

Differentiation for Restaurants

There is an incredible amount of competition in the restaurant industry these days. Consumers have more choices now than ever before.

For instance, although Millennials eat out more often than the general public, affordability remains a key differentiator for why they choose one restaurant over another.

Parents will naturally choose restaurants that offer meals and prices suited for every family member over those restaurants who do not. This is true for families that dine out, as well as those that order food delivery.

 Kid-friendly Food

It’s perfectly normal for young children to have fussy eating habits for a number of reasons—from taste and smell sensitivity to parental control. However, these factors can make it hard for parents to find nutritious food their kids will actually eat—whether at a restaurant or when ordering food for delivery.

Kids’ menus can help make this task easier, by offering kid-friendly food that appeals to young palates.

What’s more, Grubhub’s guidelines for healthier kids’ menus can help restaurants provide the nutritional value today’s parents are looking for as well.

The National Restaurant Association and Healthy Dining are also helping restaurants provide healthy options for kids through their Kids LiveWell program. Participating restaurants receive a turn-key program for creating qualified kids’ meals, a listing on HealthyDiningFinder’s Kids LiveWell website, and icons to designate healthy choices on their kids’ menus.

Convenient Ordering

Whether ordering for table-side service or delivery, parents of young children want to order easily and quickly. The faster they can feed their children, the happier everyone will be!

By having a separate kids’ menu, parents can conveniently refer to a pre-determined list of kid-friendly items—rather than scouring the entire menu searching for something their kids might eat.

Smaller Portions

It’s important to offer meals and other items that are appropriately-sized for children. On the average, healthy kids’ meals should be 600 calories or less.

Today’s savvy parents don’t want to order more food than their child could (or should) eat. Kids’ menus offer smaller portions for smaller appetites.

Parents are also looking to save money. Smaller portions cost restaurants less to prepare, so they can pass those savings on to parents.

By offering a diverse and healthy kids’ menu, you can attract more families looking to take the stress out of mealtime, while helping them spend more quality time together.

Check out Grubhub’s ideas for creating a more compelling kids’ menu.

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