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One of the many challenges restaurants face is recruiting and hiring new staff. After all, your staff is ultimately responsible for upholding customer service and preparing the best dishes possible. So how can you go about finding top talent – and getting them to join your team?

Encourage employee referrals

If you already have top-notch employees, who better to ask for referrals? Perhaps your employees have friends from culinary school or a previous restaurant job who are looking for a career change.

Reach out to your current employees as one of your first steps each time you have a new job opening at your restaurant. And consider developing a referral program as an incentive for friendly recommendations. A referral program can include anything from cash bonuses to paid vacation days – whatever works best with your restaurant and budget.

Market on your company website

No matter the job, the first place many potential applicants begin their research is on the company website. Highlight your restaurant’s personality and culture by including pictures from company events, awards your restaurant has won, an employee of the month section and more.

Take it a step further by collecting employee testimonials or even creating a recruitment video – if you have the resources available – so prospective staff can learn what it’s like to work at your restaurant directly from current employees.

Promote on social media

Similar to your website, social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offer another effective way to market your job openings. Regularly post your job openings on social media alongside some of the employee-centric content from your website  – such as testimonials and recruitment videos.

Also consider asking a few of your top employees to host a live Q&A on Facebook or Twitter, so prospective employees can learn the ins and outs of working at your restaurant.

Advertise in your restaurant

While your website and social media are essential for marketing job openings to the modern workforce, it can also be helpful to stick to some traditional strategies. One of these strategies can be advertising job openings right in your restaurant.  

Place a flyer in your front window, include job listings on table tents and add a “We’re hiring” sticker to your takeout menu, with relevant contact information. Ultimately, this can help turn your customers – who are likely already passionate about your restaurant – into your next employees.

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