3 Ways to Increase Efficiency with Online Ordering

Today’s increasingly connected diners are turning to online ordering more than ever before. Whether placing an order for delivery or takeout, via desktop or smartphone, customers find online ordering simple, quick and convenient. And the same holds true for your restaurant – simply put, online orders increase restaurant efficiency.

Online ordering systems reduce your time spent taking orders, so you can focus on what you do best – making great food and running a great business.

Here are three ways online ordering can increase efficiency at your restaurant.

  1. Reduce Order Processing Time
    Our research shows that on average, it takes two minutes to process a phone order and just 45 seconds to process a typical GrubHub order. By reducing the time needed to process an order, you’re able to spend less time taking orders and more time making them.
  1. Free Up Front-of-House Staff
    This same principle applies to your staff. When they aren’t tied up on the phone, they can spend time on other important tasks. Whether keeping supplies stocked, cleaning or just interacting directly with customers, online ordering frees up your front-of-house employees to focus on other tasks that are beneficial to your business.
    1. Improve Order Accuracy

Despite even the best of efforts, elements such as poor reception and language barriers can contribute to an incorrect phone order.

“Can you repeat that, please? Did you say cannelloni or rigatoni?”

Luckily, you can cut down on human error with online ordering. When you receive orders in a consistent and convenient matter, you’re not left to decipher chicken scratch or risk botching an order due to poor phone reception.

If you’re interested in learning how to increase efficiency at your restaurant, download our whitepaper, “The Restaurateur’s Guide to Online Ordering” here.

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