Why Your Restaurant Needs a Restaurant Ordering App

A restaurant ordering app is more than a little icon on a diner’s smartphone. It’s a quick and handy tool that allows your customers to get what they want most – your food. Customers are increasingly choosing restaurants that offer the most convenient ways to order – and you’re likely missing out on these diners if your menu isn’t accessible through a mobile ordering app.

The Benefits of a Restaurant Ordering App

Mobile ordering isn’t just an option for restaurants anymore – it’s a necessity. To stay competitive, your restaurant needs to be available to diners who want delicious food at their fingertips. And while it might seem like a highly technical endeavor, you can actually provide your customers the ease of in-app ordering without developing the restaurant ordering app yourself.

GrubHub is the easiest way to satisfy more diners via a mobile restaurant ordering app, and the benefits are clear:

  • It’s Convenient – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Convenience is king. And with 69 percent of customers ordering food from their mobile devices (according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau), you’re giving them a simple way to place their orders. For those nights when cooking just isn’t happening or the fridge is looking a little empty, patrons know they can turn to your mobile app for quick ordering service.
  • You’ll Attract More Customers – You can have the best reviews in town, but without a mobile ordering app, your potential customers might turn their attention to a competitor who does. A restaurant ordering app lets diners browse and order from your menu, choose when they want their food delivered, and receive notifications with estimated wait times. Over time, many customers will choose to access their favorite orders through the app, which cultivates loyalty while gaining customers.
  • You Gain a New Sales Channel – Mobile ordering is a channel all its own – and a great opportunity to increase your restaurant’s revenue. Once customers know that ordering food via an app is an option, they’ll order from you more often – especially if the app saves information like past orders and credit card information. It’s some pretty sweet math: Mobile orders = more money.
  • It Frees Up Employee Time – How many times have you heard employees over the phone asking customers to repeat themselves? And if customers have spotty cell service, that doesn’t make interpretation any easier. A restaurant ordering app not only reduces the need for phone orders, but it also gives customers space to provide specific instructions or to customize their orders at their own pace. Employees will spend less time on the phone and more time preparing orders exactly how customers want them.

At GrubHub, we specialize in connecting restaurants with hungry diners through our simple, user-friendly mobile ordering app. Our straightforward platform makes it easy for customers to order from you and enables you to fulfill orders quickly and provide the best experience possible.

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