Uncovering How to Increase Restaurant Profits

Restaurant owners, whether they’re seasoned veterans or new to the game, share a common, ongoing objective: figuring out how to increase restaurant profits. In an effort to successfully build and steadily increase sales, restaurants often try strategies like rolling out specials and introducing new menu items.

These methods might work for a limited time, but restaurants often find themselves back at square one when the luster of the sales and new selections wears off. Once again, restaurant owners and managers are back to the drawing board, searching for ideas to drive profits.

Wondering How to Increase Restaurant Profits? Try Online Ordering

The problem with many strategies that aim to increase sales is that they have long-term ambitions but only deliver short-term results. Limited-time discounts and special promotions appeal to price-conscious diners, but only rarely do they change their behavior once the deal is over. To really see a measurable change in profits, restaurant owners need to open a new sales channel that will attract more diners. The solution? Online ordering.

Restaurant operators can be hesitant to open up a new sales channel for a number of reasons. It seems like it will require more training, complicate order fulfillment and introduce unneeded complexity to an already overworked staff. But restaurant owners who give online ordering a shot quickly find that each of these reasons to resist the changing dining landscape is completely unfounded. In fact, online ordering is easy to implement and use, it streamlines the order fulfillment process, and restaurant staff spend less time on the phone. Still skeptical? GrubHub’s latest whitepaper, “The Restaurateur’s Guide to Online Ordering,” dives deeper into how restaurants can quickly and easily see a steady increase in profits with online ordering.

  • Attracting New Customers – The majority of diners today are searching online for restaurants, and they don’t necessarily want to pick up the phone to place an order. Establishments that accept online orders on GrubHub are in front of customers who wouldn’t have otherwise found them. Online ordering boosts restaurant visibility, allowing restaurants to attract new diners who browse the Web when they’re hungry for something new.
  • Sustaining Orders from Existing Customers – Repeat customers might order from the same restaurant for several reasons, but it’s safe to say that most popular reason is they like the food. When restaurants accept online orders, loyal diners can easily order their favorite dish again and again with the click of a button, thanks to saved orders. This is a big reason behind the fact that 34 percent of customers say technology plays a deciding factor in ordering takeout or delivery, according to the National Restaurant Association (NRA).
  • Increasing Overall Convenience and Efficiency – Why do customers choose online ordering? Because it’s fast and convenient. Why should restaurants implement online ordering? Because it’s fast and convenient. GrubHub’s research has revealed that the average order takes at least two minutes to process over the phone. Online ordering, however, takes an average of 45 seconds. That means staff can escape the tyranny of the phone and spend their time filling orders, helping with deliveries and serving in-house customers. Restaurant managers are often surprised at the wide-ranging impact that online ordering can have on the operations of their businesses.

There’s no reason that restaurant owners should be left stumped when trying to figure out how to increase restaurant profits. At GrubHub, we’ve simplified the answer. Our online ordering technology connects both new and loyal diners to your restaurant in a way that is quick and convenient for everyone. Interested in learning more? Visit our Restaurant Page.

You can also download our whitepaper, “The Restaurateur’s Guide to Online Ordering,” by clicking here.