POS Systems Raise The Bar On Customer Satisfaction And Profitability

It’s no secret that modern POS software offers streamlined and efficient restaurant management features.

However, when these POS systems are integrated with online ordering capabilities, restaurant operations are raised to a higher level. Here’s how to enhance customer satisfaction and increase profitability.

Elevating Customer Satisfaction

All-in-one POS systems are a customer’s best friend. They provide these pathways to faster and more efficient customer service:

  • Speed and Accuracy: POS systems enable staff to enter and process orders quickly, with less chance of human error translating orders to the kitchen. Dine-in customers get their food faster and just the way they ordered it.

    Adding online ordering to the mix, digital diners place orders themselves (from their own device) which are seamlessly integrated into your restaurant’s POS system for a simpler, more accurate ordering experience.
  • Flexibility: Levering the technology of POS systems and online ordering, restaurants can provide a more customized experience for diners. Customers can easily split checks, leave tips, and pay for their food with online payment apps or EMV chip cards. They can even redeem loyalty rewards from their smartphones (rather than printing ahead of time).
  • Better Service: With faster and more efficient ordering and processing, every customer gets better service. In the dining room, servers have more time to take care of customers. Take-out customers get in and out faster, and delivery customers can track the status of their orders online. Even providing email receipts and easy ways to leave feedback helps improve the customer experience.

Raising the Bar on Restaurant Profitability

Here are some of the ways POS systems can benefit a restaurant’s bottom line:

  • Accurate Staffing. Many advanced POS systems take the guesswork out of scheduling, tracking employee time, and staffing. Employees clock in and out through the POS and managers can manage staffing and payroll—all based on sales volume and other data provided by the POS.
  • Intelligent Stocking. POS systems can track and manage inventory levels based on need. This helps restaurants reduce food waste and only order what they need, when they need it.
  • Faster Turnover. POS combined with online ordering cuts down on the time and staff needed to receive and process orders. Whether orders are initiated by a customer online or input from a server, there is faster, more direct and accurate communication with the kitchen. And, you have more time to make the great food that keeps customers coming back.
  • Menu Flexibility. With a modern POS, you can add/remove seasonal items and change daily specials without the expense of printing cards or reprinting menus. Integrating Grubhub allows these changes to be automatically reflected in online menus as well. Both customers and staff are instantaneously appraised of menu changes and additions.

With the dynamic duo of a modern POS system and online ordering capabilities, you will have more control of your operations at your fingertips, allowing you to hit and maintain the highest levels of service and profitability.

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Image: Unsplash