The Most Game Changing Technology in the Restaurant Industry

It can be hard to think of examples of technology in the restaurant industry that have fundamentally changed the way business is conducted. But today, high-speed internet and the widespread use of mobile phones have paved the way for technologies that change the restaurant game in ways we haven’t seen since the credit card and telephone.

The Latest Technology in the Restaurant Industry

It’s safe to say that the restaurant industry will never become obsolete. But the industry’s notoriously competitive landscape will favor those who quickly adapt and employ digital tools.

Here are three of the latest restaurant technology trends that every restaurant owner must consider if they hope to succeed.

  • Mobile ordering.The mobile phone is quickly becoming the remote control of our lives. Need a date? Tickets to a show? Dinner for the family? Just pick up your phone and open an app. As quickly as phones are changing the way we live our lives, mobile ordering is transforming the way that restaurants do business.

    Like a chocolate bar in the checkout line, ordering food is often an impulse decision. It could be a sudden craving on the way home from work, or a lightning bolt of inspiration while waiting in the carpool line. When that idea sparks, restaurants that offer mobile ordering are surging ahead of the competition because they offer diners the ease and convenience of ordering anytime, anywhere.

  • Third-party delivery. The rise in mobile ordering has been accompanied by a rise in delivery orders. Today’s diners are frequently forgoing the time and effort it takes to make a trip out to a restaurant, opting instead for a delicious meal delivered to their door. And while offering delivery is an excellent way to open up a new sales channel for any growing restaurant business, there are operational and financial challenges that stand in the way.

    Hiring and onboarding delivery drivers are just the beginning of the challenges restaurants face when they manage delivery themselves. In addition to paying drivers for their time whether or not orders come in, restaurants also have to manage schedules, deal with no-shows and secure additional insurance. But third-party delivery services are creating new opportunities. Restaurants can now leverage professional, knowledgeable delivery drivers through services like GrubHub Delivery to avoid these labor and overhead costs while saving time and opening a new revenue stream of delivery orders.

  • Order management software. As mobile ordering and delivery orders have increased, order management software has filled a crucial need for restaurants that need to process an influx of orders quickly and accurately. The latest order management software is designed for use on tablets, which enables quick uptime and easy collaboration.

    Restaurant managers and staff now have unprecedented visibility into order flow, and the technology has been shown to reduce order-confirmation times by more than 80 percent. Restaurant staff can keep tabs on the status of delivery drivers, while customers ordering online receive accurate, real-time delivery estimates. For today’s restaurants, a central order management hub is a must-have technology in the restaurant industry that helps them make the most of their fastest-growing sales channels.

As a leader in restaurant innovation, GrubHub is developing the newest technology in the restaurant industry to help restaurant owners and managers stay competitive and serve more diners. To learn more about the latest tools available to restaurant owners, take a look at our Restaurant page. You can also download our newest whitepaper, “The Restaurateur’s Guide to Online Ordering” by clicking here.