The Importance of Restaurant Online Ordering

Restaurant online ordering is a win-win for hungry diners and busy establishments. Customers can order from their favorite restaurants or discover new eateries with speed, convenience and accuracy while restaurants gain exposure to new customers, receive orders automatically and enjoy more efficient operations.

All in all, online ordering elevates the takeout and delivery dining experience. Compared to phone orders, online orders take less time to process, allowing you to spend less time taking orders and more time making them!

Streamlined and Simplified: Why You Need Restaurant Online Ordering

Research tells us that roughly 25 percent of restaurant-goers say that the presence of technology plays into their decision to choose a restaurant. This means that aside from top-quality food and service, online ordering is a must for restaurants that want to continue growing their business.

A new whitepaper from GrubHub, “The Restaurateur’s Guide to Online Ordering,” touches on the positive results that emerge from restaurant online ordering. These benefits include:

    • Receiving More Orders. In a market saturated with digital technology, customers consistently want one thing: convenience. Because online ordering makes the takeout process simple for restaurant patrons, you can experience an increase in orders from hungry customers looking for the easiest way to get their food.
    • Optimizing Restaurant Operations. The average food order takes two minutes to process over the phone, but via GrubHub it takes less than 45 seconds. Technology not only speeds up the ordering process for customers, but it also helps restaurants streamline their processes, allowing staff to spend less time on the phone. Orders arrive exactly how the customers submitted them, so there’s no resource outlay for incorrect orders, either.
    • Attracting More Diners. New diners might take a lot of different factors into consideration before picking your restaurant as their new go-to. If they can’t find you when they’re searching online, you won’t even be considered. When they can view your full menu, save their favorite orders and see estimated delivery times, your customers engage with your restaurant brand in a new way that reinforces loyalty over time.
    • Boosting Delivery Opportunities. If your restaurant already offers delivery, online ordering meshes seamlessly with your delivery operations to set delivery boundaries, communicate delivery fees to customers and manage drivers. If your restaurant isn’t yet taking advantage of the sales-boosting power of delivery, adopting online ordering is a great way to get started.

GrubHub remains dedicated to helping restaurants explore new opportunities to continuously drive profits and grow their consumer base. Leveraging restaurant online ordering is an easy step in the direction of higher sales.

To learn more about GrubHub’s services, visit out Restaurant Page. You can also download our whitepaper, “The Restaurateur’s Guide to Online Ordering,” by clicking here.