The Benefits of Mobile Ordering for Restaurants

Ask anyone why they eat out, and you’ll likely get similar answers across the board: It’s quick, convenient and most importantly, there’s no cooking required. Ask why they order takeout and delivery from their smartphone, and you’re going to hear the same reasons. Restaurants are adopting mobile ordering to meet their customers’ demands for ease and efficiency. Are you?

The Benefits of Mobile Ordering for Restaurants

More people than ever are turning to their mobile devices to order food from their favorite restaurants. As mobile device use continues to rise, the share of orders placed from smartphones is only expected to grow.  Have you considered taking advantage of a mobile ordering platform for your restaurant?

If you’re still on the fence, consider some of the benefits of offering mobile ordering:

  • It’s Diner Friendly. A study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau revealed that 69 percent of customers order food from a mobile device. That means over half of hungry diners turn to smartphones when they’re in the carpool lane waiting to pick up their kids, sitting on the bus or just don’t feel like cooking. Ordering via a mobile device is an easy solution for customers who want pickup or delivery without making a phone call and sitting on hold.
  • Fewer Order Mishaps, Misunderstandings and Frustrations. Every restaurant has dealt with order mishaps or misunderstandings from unclear phone orders. But when diners use mobile ordering, they can specify exactly what they want. Misunderstandings are all but eliminated. And mobile orders can be saved for later, so your restaurant patrons can order their favorite meal again and again – just how they like it. Mobile ordering not only means convenience – it means ordering and delivering with confidence.
  • It’s Easier to Attract New Customers. When you leverage email, social and your own mobile-optimized website as sales tools, you can easily integrate mobile ordering functionality at every customer touchpoint. No matter how hungry diners find you, they’ll be able to order directly from their phones or tablets. Mobile ordering allows your restaurant to be ready when they are.

At GrubHub, we help restaurants connect with hungry diners through convenient mobile ordering and online ordering. We make it easier than ever for you to gain new customers and drive sales.

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