How Chain Restaurants Can Incorporate a Local Feel

When it comes to supporting the local community, consumers aren’t afraid to spend a few extra dollars. In fact, more than half of all diners are willing to pay up to 10 percent more for dinner at an independent restaurant that leaves a positive impact on surrounding homes and businesses.


Stop Making These 9 Common Restaurant Website Mistakes

Your restaurant website is the first point of contact for many customers, so it’s important to make it as compelling, searchable and user-friendly as possible.

The best website will drive people to your restaurant and get the phone ringing off the hook. To put your site to work for you, avoid these common website mistakes. (more…)

How to Start a Restaurant Email Marketing Program from Scratch

Restaurant email marketing programs are a proven method of building customer loyalty. A well-timed email can bring in new diners and remind recent diners to return.

Setting up email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, though. We’ve broken down three simple steps you can take to get your email campaign off the ground. (more…)

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Your Restaurant, Part II : How to Do It

If you haven’t checked out Part I: What to Do, go back and refresh yourself on that. Otherwise, here’s a few tips on implementing your Instagram strategy for your restaurant. (more…)

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Your Restaurant, Part I: What to Do

So, you’re ready to dive into (or ramp up) Instagram for your restaurant. But where to start? We’ve broken this into two posts—What to Do and How to Do It—to give you some ideas. (more…)

Online Ordering Data Reveals Gender Differences in Takeout Dining

Throughout the years, numerous studies on gender differences—from the make-up of our brains and bodies to how we select mates and process emotions—reveal the dissimilarities between men and women. The GrubHub team wondered, when it comes to the foods adults select when ordering from a restaurant, are men and women that different? (more…)

The Hottest Health Food Fads in Takeout

Adding chia seeds or quinoa to your menu may feel like a reach, but it may be just the ticket to appeal to health conscious diners. In fact, according to research by the National Restaurant Association (NRA), 71 percent of adults are trying to eat healthier at restaurants than they did two years ago. (more…)

Why Food Photography Counts

There’s a lot of truth in the saying that the first bite is with the eye. From your restaurant’s website to its social media pages, making your food look good through photography is key. (more…)