The East Coast’s Hottest Dishes

Now that we’ve sampled some fresh food trends down South and out West, it’s time to see what customers on the East Coast have an appetite for. 

Not only can the East Coast’s hottest dishes help bring in extra business, they may also attract new customers and give loyal diners another reason to return. 

Make room for a third helping of trending dishes in 2018.

Boston — Butter Naan

This simple, yet delicious Indian bread has earned acclaim from millions of hungry customers throughout Asia. And now it’s satisfying appetites on the East Coast. Last year, the orders of butter naan increased in popularity 362% among Boston’s customers.¹ Make the most of this spike in demand by adding butter naan to your menu.

New York City — Naked Layer Cakes

This mouth-watering dessert has taken New York City’s culinary scene by storm — and it’s easy to see why. Customers get to enjoy a tiered cake without all the added calories that come from frosting. Try shrinking the size or working in a serving of fruit to make this dessert even more appealing to health-conscious customers.

Baltimore — Pupusas

Need a new appetizer? This Salvadorian dish may just hit the spot. With a combination of thick corn tortillas and a wide range of delectable fillings, pupusas can keep hunger at bay while customers wait for their main meal. Mix and match different fillings — such as meat, vegetables, beans and fish — to give customers plenty of options.

Washington D.C. — Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen

Customers can’t seem to get enough of tonkotsu ramen. In fact, this pork-based dish could rise in popularity by 76% this year.² Meet with your back-of-house staff to determine how you can put your own unique spin on this popular ramen dish.

Philadelphia — Manoushe

Slowly but surely, manoushe is making its way onto restaurant menus. Widely regarded as one of the top street foods in Lebanon, this freshly baked flatbread is experiencing a bit of a renaissance. From roasted chicken and caramelized onions to sweet treats like Nutella and honey, restaurants are willing to try all sorts of different toppings. Drive business by getting creative with your restaurant’s version of the dish.

Customers are always looking to expand their palates. Meet demand for new and exciting flavors with the East Coast’s hottest dishes.

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²Grubhub 2017 Year in Delivery

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