3 Easy Ways To Show Your Delivery Drivers Some Love

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The Future of Online Ordering and Delivery

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Enabling Delivery – One Restaurant Owner’s Story

Meet Letizia Sorano, chef and owner of Enoteca Roma Ristorante. As her business grew over the years, so did Letizia’s desire to bring Enoteca Roma’s authentic Italian cuisine to more customers across Chicago. Here’s how Grubhub made delivery a reality.delivery to customers

Though it started as a bakery and coffee shop, Enoteca Roma transformed into the restaurant it is today when hungry diners began requesting dinner options. Along with more food offerings, Letizia also wanted to share Enoteca Roma with customers throughout Chicago.

But Letizia admits offering delivery – and dealing with the complexities that came with it – wasn’t easy. She needed a delivery solution that was reliable and efficient, and also helped expand her delivery capabilities.

About five years ago, Letizia joined Grubhub.

Grubhub takes away the hassle associated with delivery, giving Letizia more time to do what she loves the most – cooking Italian food, sharing it with Chicago and interacting with customers. By handling the entire delivery process, Grubhub helps restaurant owners like Letizia reach even more customers.

To learn more about Letizia’s story, check out this video.

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