See What’s In Store: The Future of Restaurant Technology

Restaurant technology has come a long way in recent years. Tableside tablets and self-service kiosks, digital loyalty programs and online ordering are just a few examples of innovations that have caught on in a big way. If the past is any indication of the future, technology for restaurants will continue to improve the diner experience and overall restaurant operations. Here are two pieces of technology aiming to do just that.

Back-of-house robots
Robots have the potential to play an important role in the future of restaurant technology. In fact, back-of-house robots are already being tested in kitchens all around the world. From washing dishes to cutting vegetables, these robots stand to increase speed and efficiency while also improving safety. Just take a look at the sushi-making robot from Kawasaki. This technology for restaurants can craft nigiri – a traditional type of sushi that includes a piece of raw fish atop a ball of rice – in under a minute. By taking care of simple tasks, these types of robots free up front- and back-of-house staff to focus on more important aspects of your restaurant, such as the diner experience.

Yet another robot from Middleby Corp., Pitco and Rethink Robotics can cook an order of fries just as quickly as a traditional line cook. While such innovations may still have a way to go before reaching your restaurant, they offer a rare glimpse at the future of restaurant technology.

Head-mounted displays
Head-mounted displays might one day be categorized among the hottest technology trends for restaurants – and for good reason. Placed directly on a diner’s head, these display devices open the door to a whole host of possibilities, including live look-ins at how each dish is being made. You may even be able to use head-mounted displays to provide diners with the flexibility to choose between virtually-displayed ingredients for each dish.

Looking for a way to entertain diners? Head-mounted displays once again have you covered. From playing a quick game to shopping online just before food makes its way to the table, head-mounted displays make it easy for diners to access a number of entertainment options right from their seat.

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