What’s Your Restaurant Management Personality?

There are many ways to take on the challenges and opportunities of the restaurant world.

We created a quiz to help restaurant owners find their management personalities. Understanding your management personality helps you embrace your strengths and improve restaurant operations.

So what does each personality mean? Here’s a breakdown.

– You’ve been in the restaurant business for a long time
– You know your customers like the back of your apron
– You rely on tried-and-true methods to keep business strong


– You’re always thinking ahead
– You’re a pioneer of new technology, marketing and ideas
– Your social media game is strong
– Your loyalty programs are showing results


– Your best business partner is data
– You know the bottom line and are a tactical problem solver
– You can streamline costs & predict future sales


– Your business success is about the people
– You always look to increase customer and staff satisfaction
– You see how customers & staff contribute to your success


Are you interested in finding out your own restaurant management personality? Take the quiz here.


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