Top TV Moments for Online Orders and Delivery

When families gather in front of the TV to take in exciting cultural events, they’re much more likely to order takeout or delivery so they don’t miss a minute of the action. Prepare your restaurant for potential order spikes surrounding these popular televised events.

Top Televised Events ‚Äď August-December 2016

  1. 2016 Summer Games (August 5): In 2012, TV ratings for the Summer Games were the highest ever for an Olympic opening ceremony.
  2. Primetime Emmy Awards¬†(September 18):¬†Each year, around 15 million¬†viewers tune into the awards¬†show, making it a ‚Äúprime time‚ÄĚ
    for food delivery orders.
  3. Presidential Election 2016 (November 8): On Election Night 2012,
    delivery orders were nearly 20 percent higher than the average Tuesday night, with orders peaking around the time the polls closed.
  4. New Year’s Rockin’ Eve¬†(December 31):¬† Between millions watching the¬†Times Square ball drop and¬†others ordering food on the¬†way back from a night out, New¬†Year‚Äôs Eve is one of the busiest¬†delivery days each year.

Preparing for Increased Food Orders: Do’s and Don’ts

When properly prepared, your restaurant can capitalize on significant TV events:


  • Hire extra delivery drivers¬†or outsource to a restaurant¬†delivery service
  • Understand your delivery¬†boundaries and avoid¬†expanding beyond where¬†you can deliver in a¬†reasonable timeframe.


  • Leave customers guessing¬†on delivery times. Keep them¬†updated along the way, so¬†they‚Äôre alerted of any delays.
  • Rely solely on phone orders.¬†Add an online ordering option¬†to save your staff time and¬†make ordering more efficient.

Menu Tips for Major Events

  1. Add event-specific specials: The Summer games and Presidential Election both offer opportunities for American-themed menu items. For these and other major events, the possibilities for menu specials are endless.
  2. Promote offerings on social media:¬†The best way to get the word out about your¬†event-specific specials is via social media. Post¬†pictures of your special menu items, offer a¬†discount on delivery or create an online poll ‚Ästsuch as asking who diners think will win Emmy¬†Awards or Olympic events.
  3. Incorporate group items:  Likely customers gather family and friends for awards shows and other events, so consider adding a few platters or shareable plates to your menu.

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