Tips for Building a Delivery-Specific Menu

The U.S. food delivery market is on the rise, with Americans projected to spend $12.5 billion a year on delivery by 2019 – an increase of more than 300 percent from 2014. Before embracing delivery, review your menu to ensure all items will remain fresh and intact by the time they reach your customers. While proper packaging and an attentive delivery driver can help most dishes maintain their high quality, some dishes are better served in your dining room. Here are some tips to creating the perfect menu for delivery:

Try This – Not That

Try: Canned Soda Not: Fountain Drinks

Swap out fountain drinks with canned refreshments that are easier for delivery drivers to grab on the go.

Try: Dressing on the Side Not: Tossed Salad

Keep salads crisp by including a small container of dressing rather than mixing it in. This also goes for condiments such as mayonnaise, mustard and aioli.

Try: Breakfast Burrito Not: Bacon & Eggs

Eggs can cool down – and change taste – quickly. Rather than a simple egg dish, ingredients packed tightly in breakfast burritos help them stay warm longer.

Try: Oven-Roasted Chicken & Vegetables Not: Sizzling Chicken Fajitas

Slice up and serve oven-roasted chicken and vegetables so diners both near and far can make up their own Mexican fajitas – and avoid soggy tortillas.

Try: Fruit Salad Not: Fruit Smoothie

Offer a cool and refreshing fruit salad that will stay fresh – and avoid the risk of melting – even on hot summer days.

Try: Baked Cookies Not: Skillet Cookies

Satisfy sugar cravings with baked cookies that remain tasty long after they’ve left the oven. Hungry for more tips on food delivery? Check out our tips on how to maintain your restaurant brand with a delivery service.   Download as PDF