Maintaining Your Restaurant Brand with a Delivery Service

Working with a third-party delivery service still offers many opportunities to showcase your restaurant brand. In fact, delivering your food directly to diners allows you to expand your brand exposure outside the restaurant.

  • Keeps your restaurant top-of-mind
  • Ensures diners have the experience they’ve come to know and love from your restaurant
  • Provides brand exposure to potential new diners

When you outsource delivery, your restaurant can also benefit from:

  • Cost savings
  • Improved efficiency
  • Order tracking

When expanding your exposure with delivery, here are some tips to keep in mind so you’re maintaining your brand promise and integrity.

  • Work with a trusted partner. Your delivery service is an extension of your business.Choose a trusted delivery partner that knows the ins and outs of delivery, from menu editing capabilities to training drivers.
  • Brand your third-party delivery website. Some delivery services allow you to build a branded delivery website or feature your logo on the menu page. If possible, take advantage of this so diners can see your brand each time an order is placed.
  • Use branded packaging. While delivery services provide packaging, stock branded packages and containers so your restaurant brand is top-of-mind with diners. Also add branded
    stickers or stamps to each delivery order.
  • Include promotional materials. Send your brand home with printed menus, business cards, or promotional items. Include more than one in each bag so diners can refer others.

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