Outsourced Delivery Services for Restaurants Are Here

Your restaurant can’t afford to deprive your diners of delivery any longer. According to a recent study by Statista, an online statistics portal, nearly one in four U.S. consumers orders delivery two to three times per week. And the National Restaurant Association estimates that the takeout and delivery market, valued at $3.5 billion in 2014, will reach $12.5 billion in sales by 2019. Isn’t it time to offer a delivery service for your restaurant?

If the time, cost and liabilities of offering delivery worry you, don’t let it. There’s now a solution: outsource your delivery to a restaurant delivery service.

The New Way to Rollout a Delivery Service for Restaurants

Restaurants have been using GrubHub to provide their diners with the convenience of online ordering for years. And now restaurants can use GrubHub to extend that convenience by delivering food right to their customers’ doors.

Why use GrubHub’s restaurant delivery service? Because it enables you to access all the benefits of delivery without the pain of maintaining  drivers, administration costs and managing the influx of delivery orders.

Drivers are ready when you are. GrubHub scales to your restaurant’s delivery needs. On slow days, you might only need one driver. On busy days, you could need five. GrubHub’s drivers are at the ready, available to deliver your orders when you need them.This way, you get orders out the door and customers get their food fast.

Outsource the insurance and administration. While offering delivery is sure to increase sales, restaurant delivery also requires the investment of time and money. With delivery, significant resources are spent on insurance, payroll, and managing driver schedules. But when your restaurant uses a restaurant delivery service such as GrubHub, you outsource these costs and liabilities while still increasing the bottom line with more sales. And better yet, you only pay for the GrubHub orders we deliver.

Easily manage the influx of orders. Delivery efficiency is the key to success for any delivery service for restaurants. It ensures hot and delicious food, happy customers and repeat business. A restaurant delivery service enables restaurants to easily communicate with drivers and send them the orders they can deliver more efficiently than anyone else.

If you’d like to know more about GrubHub’s restaurant delivery service, you can now download our free whitepaper, “The Restaurateur’s Guide to Delivery,” by clicking here.