Making the Most of Your Online Food Ordering System

An online food ordering system benefits both customers and restaurants by facilitating convenient, accurate orders for customers while ensuring restaurant employees spend less time on the phone. An effective online ordering system is easy to use for both parties, but there are a few strategies your restaurant can pursue to get the most out of online ordering.

4 Steps to Make the Most of Your Online Food Ordering System

Online ordering can deliver results like higher order volume, streamlined restaurant processes and an increase in customer volume. Experiment with the following tactics to optimize your online ordering sales channel.

One of GrubHub’s latest whitepapers, “The Restaurateur’s Guide to Online Ordering,” outlines the steps restaurants should take to get the most out of online food ordering.

  •  Step 1: Offer Discounts, Coupons and Promotions. Online ordering is the ideal platform for you to introduce restaurant deals and promotions to diners. Use them to highlight new menu items, reinvigorate interest in classic dishes, offer add-ons and more. With online ordering, you can get creative and enjoy direct insight into what’s working.
  •  Step 2: Link to Online Ordering on Your Website. Whether you already have a website or are preparing to launch one, it’s a good idea to embed a link to your ordering platform in a highly visible area of your home page. That way, once customers have scoped out your menu, they can immediately satisfy their cravings without picking up the phone to make a call. Don’t have a website? GrubHub can create a restaurant website for you!
  •  Step 3: Enhance Your Online Presence. When hungry diners search for places to eat, shouldn’t you be at the top of the list? Through a digital strategy that includes a well-designed website, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-performance advertising, you can rise to the top of search results and drive more online orders.
  • Step 4: Track Your Progress. While the investment is an online food ordering system is very low, it should deliver a measurable return. One of the best ways to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck is tracking and analyzing order data. More customers will find and continue to order from your restaurant over time. When you can see continued growth of online sales, you’ll know your restaurant business is on the right track.

GrubHub’s simplified platform makes it easier to place and fulfill orders, resulting in happy diners – and more profitable restaurateurs.

To learn more about our online food ordering system, take a look at our Restaurant page. You can also download our newest whitepaper, “The Restaurateur’s Guide to Online Ordering,” by clicking here.