Increasing Orders for
Miami Restaurants

Grubhub helps deliver exceptional Miami cuisine to hungry customers all across the city. From South Beach to Coral Gables, Miami restaurants are using online ordering and reliable delivery to attract new customers.

Miami is a hot spot for locals and tourists eager to try the city’s best cuisine, and Grubhub helps restaurants like yours meet the demand.

Grubhub’s Impact in Miami

Looking for a way to boost your restaurant’s orders? Grubhub’s online ordering and delivery may be the answer. In fact, some of our most successful restaurants partners in Miami saw¹:


Busiest day for online order


Average percent of new customers in the first 6 months


Most popular time to order

¹Restaurant performance metrics based on 2016 Grubhub data.

Why Grubhub?

Increased order volume

On average, restaurants have a 50% increase in monthly orders after a year on Grubhub.

Access to delivery drivers

Drivers stay on demand even during your busiest hours, so don’t worry about over or understaffing.

Help when you need it

Every order is supported by a 24/7 customer service team.

Effective marketing initiatives

Grubhub helps raise your brand awareness while rewarding loyal customers.

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