Grubhub Special Offer Terms

Offers expire 9/5/19 and are open to intended recipient restaurants only. Restaurant must be new to the Grubhub platform and must enter into a Grubhub restaurant agreement by 9/5/19 to qualify. New customer free delivery offer subject to $1,000 cap per restaurant and open to restaurants subject to a 10%+ Marketing Commission that use Grubhub delivery services only. $500 promotion offer available to first 100 eligible accounts only. Offers will be deemed accepted by restaurant if (i) restaurant meets eligibility criteria for each offer (as applicable) and (ii) restaurant enters into a Grubhub restaurant agreement by 9/5/19. Grubhub will not charge a delivery fee to Grubhub diner customers who place their first orders with restaurant for a period of three ( 3 ) months as of the date a restaurant “goes live” on the Grubhub platform, up to $1,000 (“FD Offer”). The FD Offer is only open to eligible restaurant accounts that are subject to a 10% Marketing Commission or higher and use Grubhub Delivery Services (as defined in the Grubhub restaurant agreement). Self-delivery restaurant accounts are not eligible for the FD Offer. Customers may be subject to a small order delivery fee and/or service fee at Grubhub’s sole option and discretion. For each of the first 100 new accounts eligible for this offer only, Grubhub will execute and fund up to $500 (“Promo Funding Cap”) in discounts and promotions for diner customers on the Grubhub platform (“Promo Offer”). The discounts and promotions offered to customers will be solely designed and executed by Grubhub, which restaurant grants Grubhub the right to do. After the Funding Cap is reached, the discounts and promotions executed by Grubhub will remain active (and will be funded by restaurant) until restaurant terminates the promotions, which may be done via restaurant’s Grubhub for Restaurants account or by contacting the restaurant’s Grubhub Account Advisor. Restaurant is responsible for monitoring the amount of discounts and promotions offered and Funding Cap limits through restaurant’s Grubhub for Restaurants account. Grubhub may fund the Promo Offer through a Grubhub payment statement reimbursement, by remitting the original non-discounted value of the orders (rather than the discounted amount), or by using another method at Grubhub’s option. Grubhub will have up to 60 days from the date the Funding Cap is reached to fund the Promo Offer. Offers are non-transferrable and cash substitutes are not available. Grubhub reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify the offers, or any part of an offer, for any reason at any time, including, without limitation, if any fraud or technical failure impairs the integrity or proper functioning of the offers. This promotion and restaurant’s participation are subject to Grubhub Restaurant Terms at Notices regarding the offers will be posted on this page.