Learning How to Advertise Your Restaurant

If you’re a local restaurant owner, it’s important to learn how to advertise your restaurant to increase the number of diners you serve. But advertising isn’t simply a matter of putting up flyers around the neighborhood anymore. Instead, it’s about finding digital ways to build awareness of your restaurant.

How to Advertise Your Restaurant: Methods for Success

Advertising is a key step in attracting new diners. And at GrubHub, we know that more diners mean more revenue. Knowing how to advertise your restaurant is easier said than done, so if you’re unsure about which tactics are right for your restaurant, here are some tried-and-true methods:

  • Well-Designed Website – Your restaurant website can be one of your most powerful advertising tools – if it’s well-designed, easy to navigate and features high-quality images. Chances are that customers will turn to your website to view specials and browse the menu. So think of your restaurant’s web page as a first impression – you’ll want to make it good.
  • Online Ordering – If you want to expose new customers to your restaurant, look no further than an online ordering system. Many customers use online ordering systems as a tool to discover restaurants they’ve never ordered from before. In fact, more than 90 percent of GrubHub diners have discovered a new restaurant while using the platform.
  • Email Blasts – If you’re wondering how to advertise your restaurant to the masses of diners that are constantly on their smartphones, emails are a great route to their stomachs. Newsletter and email campaigns keep customers aware of daily specials and deals.
  • Coupons and Promotions – Coupons are one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to advertising, probably because they’re highly effective. A little discount can go a long way – especially if it means diners will ultimately eat at your restaurant. The best part about coupons and promotions is they can be distributed both digitally and in print.

GrubHub does more than just provide customers with an ordering platform for your restaurant. We help promote your restaurant on a local level, connecting with the diners that are likely to keep coming back for more.

There’s no secret formula for learning how to advertise your restaurant. You just need a partner who knows how to get it done. Visit our Restaurant page to see how GrubHub can help maximize your advertising strategy.