How to Reduce the Cost of a Restaurant Delivery System

Adding delivery services to your restaurant? You don’t have to go it alone.

Delivery is a fantastic way to open up your restaurant sales to full throttle. It will help you bring in new customers who value the ease and convenience of delivery, and it will help you build loyalty with the customers you already have. Of course, building a new restaurant delivery system is a costly investment. And for employees and managers, there is a learning curve on the road to a well-oiled delivery machine.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Restaurant Delivery System

As delivery has grown in popularity with diners, restaurants are looking for ways to experiment with a restaurant delivery service while mitigating as much risk as possible. Luckily, there are some tools to help you maximize the ROI of delivery:

1. Implement restaurant delivery software. Offering your diners delivery is a great way to generate extra revenue for your restaurant business. But how to best manage the increased order flow? Use technology to your advantage. With delivery management software, you can track orders to prepare for busy periods while also helping drivers make their deliveries as efficiently as possible.

2. Outsource delivery drivers. Managing delivery drivers, their schedules, salaries, insurance and tip-outs can quickly add up, costing you both excess time and money. But by outsourcing delivery staff, you get access to delivery drivers that are on-demand and available when you need them. And consequently, only pay for the deliveries they make, thereby reducing your liability and financial obligation.

3. Keep the customer first. Outsourcing the drivers of your restaurant delivery system doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice service quality. Outsourced delivery drivers should know their coverage area like the back of their hand. As extensions of your restaurant brand, drivers should also be customer service experts. Particularly when delivering food to a new diner, it’s imperative that your drivers are prompt, professional and courteous. Consider working with your restaurant delivery service to communicate the status of orders being delivered. Some services even text diners real-time updates based on the information you provide. You only get one first impression – make it count!

With GrubHub Delivery, restaurant owners can get profitable, incremental sales without a major investment in building their own delivery service. Customers receive their deliveries from efficient, professional drivers provided by GrubHub, and restaurants don’t have to manage the overhead (e.g. scheduling, insurance, tip-outs) of running their own restaurant delivery system. When your restaurant is outsourcing restaurant delivery to GrubHub, you are also provided with delivery management technology and the support of our 24/7 Customer Care staff.

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