How to Promote Your Restaurant Online While Boosting Sales

Wondering how to promote your restaurant online? Good news. Restaurant owners today can use online ordering to both promote their restaurants and accept orders.

5 Ways the Internet is Changing How to Promote Your Restaurant

For diners today, the Internet means speed and convenience. So when they’re thinking about saving time by ordering delivery or takeout, they’re choosing to order online more often than ever before. For restaurant owners, this trend presents the opportunity to use online ordering to promote their restaurants in effective new ways. Here are five reasons they’re finding success:

  1. Combining Discovery and Purchase in One Destination. As online ordering has grown in popularity, the benefits of melding the diner’s discovery and purchasing process into one seamless experience have become all too clear. Diners want to explore new restaurants, browse different food categories and read user reviews before selecting from the menu and checking out – all within the same website.
  1. Reducing Friction between Your Restaurant and Diners. The magic of the latest Internet-enabled technologies is the way they bring buyers and sellers together and eliminate the unnecessary, time-consuming processes between them. Diners today are used to this kind of efficiency, and expect it from their restaurants when ordering delivery or takeout.
  1. Encouraging Repeat Business. When your restaurant provides a consistent online ordering experience, you’ll see more patrons ordering up their favorite dishes again and again. Unlike the telephone, an online ordering platform can save past orders and securely store payment information. Diners today are happy to allow a mobile app or website to remember their information if it will allow them to quickly and easily order from your restaurant in the future.
  1. Generating Loyalty and Referrals. When the food is delicious and the ordering is easy, your diners develop a relationship with your restaurant brand. New diners turn into repeat customers, and before you know it these are your loyalists and advocates – the most valuable marketing channel you could ask for. They not only write glowing reviews of your restaurant online, but they also refer their friends and family. The power of word-of-mouth marketing can result in exponential sales growth – and online ordering only amplifies it.
  1. Prompting Higher Volume, and Bigger Tickets. For the reasons above – an all-in-one marketplace, low friction, repeat business and referrals – your restaurant will enjoy higher order volume as a result of offering online ordering. But did you know that diners also tend to spend more when they order online, as opposed to over the phone? When you use an online ordering platform, you can automatically suggest add-ons and upsell specific items. And some diners will try new menu items that they otherwise wouldn’t have seen when ordering over the phone.

More restaurants use GrubHub to promote their business and accept online orders than any other service.

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