Grow your business
with delivery

It’s easy and free to get started.
You only pay when Grubhub sends you orders.

Grubhub handles the entire delivery process.

Manage your deliveries

We provide experienced drivers on demand and 24/7 customer care on every order.

Deliver a high quality experience

Drivers arrive as you finish food prep, so customers receive fresh dishes.

Track your orders

Our technology tracks deliveries in real time, so you and your customers always know the status.

Save money

Say goodbye to paying salaries, insurance, and tips for drivers.

How Grubhub Delivery works

Manage your orders from any device, anywhere, anytime.
Our drivers will pick up and deliver your orders.
We’ll take care of coordinating and compensating drivers.

Get more orders

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When you sign up for Grubhub for Restaurants, you can select Grubhub Delivery to get access to our fleet of Grubhub Drivers that will bring orders right to your customers’ doors.

To sign up with Grubhub for Restaurants, please click here.

Yes, you can choose to have your own drivers fulfill Grubhub orders placed through the Grubhub website and mobile app. With self-delivery, you can also control and modify your delivery boundaries and fees.

To get started with Self-Delivery, please sign up with Grubhub for Restaurants.

Customers have the option to select contact-free delivery on their Grubhub orders. Contact-free delivery orders are left at the customer’s door, in their lobby or at an accessible delivery location.

For more information on contact-free delivery from Grubhub, please click here.

To update your Grubhub delivery boundary, you will need to log into your Grubhub for Restaurants account.

To learn more, please read our step-by-step guide.