Why Food Photography Counts

There’s a lot of truth in the saying that the first bite is with the eye. From your restaurant’s website to its social media pages, making your food look good through photography is key.

1) Find its Good Side

Start by finding the best side; every dish has a best angle that shows off its texture, shape or color. When it comes to the angle of the shot, don’t feel stuck shooting as if you were sitting at a table. Just like when cooking in your kitchen, it’s okay to be creative.

2) Come a Little Closer – Or Not

Zoom has a huge impact on the shot. Close-ups are great for showing off textural details such as the marbling in meat or the chunky vegetables in a soup. More distant photos are best for showing the shape and presentation of your food, whether it’s an intricate cake or a beautifully prepared spread.

3) Light Up Your World

Food needs to be well lit to look good. Poorly lit shots can look overexposed or dingy. Try to find natural light if possible and avoid flash photography. Try lighting the dish from behind to highlight texture. Experiment with lighting angles to find the ones that best show off the individual dish you are photographing.

4) Get Some Focus

Blurry shots look unprofessional. Make sure your camera’s focus is crystal clear on the dish you want to feature. For example, if your shot shows a meat dish and a glass of wine, experiment with selective focus to put the emphasis on the meat.

5) All the World’s a Stage

Everything about these images counts. What place setting you pick and what condiments you show are all part of the presentation. Experiment with contrasting and coordinating elements.

Good food photography is crucial to growing your business. Use these shots as teasers on social media sites. Put them on your site and your menus. Make sure everything diners come into contact with lets them see how amazing your food can look.

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