Tips for Making the Most of Social Media Recipe Videos

Social media marketing for restaurants comes in countless forms: status updates, polls, tweets and snaps, to name a few. Though each of these tactics is a proven way to drum up awareness for your restaurant, a new food-centric trend is quickly dominating diners’ social feeds: recipe videos.

Popularized by brands including Buzzfeed’s “Tasty” channel, Tastemade and delish, one-minute or less recipe videos cater to aspiring home cooks and hungry social media users alike. But you don’t need a fully staffed video department to incorporate recipe videos into your restaurant advertising strategy.

Here are a few recommendations for how restaurant operators can produce videos that showcase your top dishes:

Keep it short

When scrolling through Facebook or Instagram – especially on a mobile device – diners’ attention spans aren’t calibrated for sitting through a full cooking demo. The shorter your recipe video (think 60 to 90 seconds, maximum), the more likely you’ll captivate viewers for the entire clip.

Shoot from the right perspective

For the sake of a 60-second video, there’s no need to recreate a polished Food Network kitchen set inside your restaurant. In fact, some of the most popular recipe videos are filmed from a bird’s eye view, capturing a close frame of the ingredients as they’re mixed, chopped or sautéed.

Incorporate graphics

Adding music or voiceover to your recipe video is always a good idea – but that doesn’t negate the need for on-screen graphics. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram typically auto-play video content with muted sound, so be sure to include graphics and text that convey the dish name, ingredients and steps involved.

Don’t worry about perfection

In real life and real restaurant kitchens, messes happen. Ingredients spill out of their bowls, and eggs don’t always crack neatly. Keeping these glitches in recipe videos lends them a degree of authenticity that viewers can relate to and more easily believe in.

Encourage interaction

The more ways you involve diners with your recipe videos, the more effective they’ll be at bringing in new business. Post polls or open calls for diner suggestions to find out which dishes they want a behind-the-scenes look into. You could even prompt viewers to try following the recipe at home and share a photo of the final product (perhaps in exchange for a promo code or other discount on their next order).

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