The South’s Hottest Dishes

To attract new customers and drive sales during the winter months, consider putting your own spin on some of the country’s hottest dishes.

Not sure what’s trending? Don’t worry — we’re here to help. Our four-part series will dive into some of the most popular dishes throughout the country’s different regions. From roasted cauliflower to panzanella, start off by sampling the five items that have customers all across the South talking.

Atlanta — Beef Carpaccio

This decadent appetizer continues to earn the admiration of Atlanta’s customers. Consider serving up something similar in your restaurant to capitalize on consumer interest. Whether it’s swapping out the lemon and olive oil or tinkering with the preparation, trying something new could help you stand out from the competition.

Nashville — Roasted Cauliflower

Customers looking to cut back on calories won’t compromise on taste. Take a cue from Nashville’s culinary scene by adding roasted cauliflower to the menu. This dish promises to keep customers’ appetites in check as they wait for the main meal.

Houston — Panzanella

Give customers the chance to enjoy a taste of Tuscany with this popular salad. Featuring soaked bread and tomatoes, panzanella can serve as a shared appetizer or a main meal for vegetarian customers. Meet with your back-of-house staff to think of ways you can spice up this beloved dish.

Tampa — Potato-crusted Oysters

The city’s access to a wealth of fresh seafood helps Tampa restaurants take standard seafood fare to the next level. And a willingness to think outside of the plate has led to culinary gold. Slowly but surely, potato-crusted oysters are winning over Tampa Bay critics. Put your own twist on this seafood special to meet the demands of hungry customers.

New Orleans — Muffuletta

With this classic Italian sandwich, you’ll have no trouble getting customers in and out in no time. Try going easy on the olive salad or substituting salami with seafood to transform it into a unique spin-off customers can’t get anywhere else.

Customers are clamoring for these dishes. Satisfy demand and boost your bottom line by including them on your restaurant’s menu.


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