The Midwest’s Hottest Dishes

Having enjoyed a taste of food trends from every corner of the country including down South, out East and all the way on the West Coast we’re ready to explore what America’s heartland has to offer.

Shake up your menu with these trending dishes.

Detroit Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Delivery drivers in the motor city are serving up lettuce chicken wraps more often than ever before. Orders of the savory snack increased 340% last year, and the next few months could bring more of the same. Cash in on cravings for lettuce chicken wraps by adding this dish to your restaurant’s menu.

St. Louis — Octopus

This 8-legged ingredient is capturing the culinary imagination of restaurants all across the Gateway city. From garlic to thyme, various spices are used to pack flavor into this seafood special. Put your creativity to the test by cooking up a few new ways to serve it.

Minneapolis — Spaghetti Squash

Customers are no strangers to spaghetti. But this new twist on the classic dish may be enough to pique appetites. Thanks to a steady surge in customers looking for gluten-free or carb-free meals, spaghetti squash has seen a 351% rise in popularity. Cater to your gluten-free customers with a sweet or savory spin on this traditional Italian meal.

Indianapolis — Yakitori

Despite the distance, this Japanese dish has won over the hearts — and stomachs — of customers throughout Indy. Think of a few ways your restaurant can make the most of demand for this skewered chicken. Whether it’s mixing and matching different sauces or subbing in some fresh sides, you can’t go wrong with this timeless meal.

Chicago — Yellowtail Belly

Known for its rich marbling, yellowtail belly has become a go-to dish for plenty of hungry sushi-loving customers. And 2018 promises to bring more of the same. Yellowtail belly is expected to see a 54% increase in popularity before the year is out. Toss this flavorful fish in a wide range of sushi to keep customers coming back for more.

Demand for these 5 dishes is soaring. The sooner you tack them on to your menu, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards.

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