Which Tech Trends Stole the Show at NRA 2017?

From self-driving cars to internet-connected devices, technology has advanced virtually every industry out there – restaurants are no different.

Last month, more than 65,000 foodservice professionals gathered in Chicago for NRA Show 2017. The annual conference offered attendees an opportunity to experience the latest in restaurant marketing, operations and technology.

Here’s a look at how three of the top tech trends from this year’s event will impact restaurants moving forward.

POS integrations push efficiency

Efficiency is a key ingredient to the success of any restaurant. Through POS integration, you can improve just that. Grubhub’s recent integration with industry-leading POS systems – Breadcrumb POS by Upserve and Toast along with MICROS POS from Oracle Hospitality – is just one example of a growing effort to make restaurant management easier and more efficient.

Instead of manually entering each order, your front- and back-of-house staff can use POS integration to keep track of in-house, delivery and takeout orders from a single device. This not only frees up valuable counter space but also allows your staff to focus more of their time on cooking and serving delicious food. Since menu changes made via the POS system are automatically applied to your restaurant’s website, mobile site and app, the technology also reduces the times it takes to update your menu.

Faster ordering with facial recognition

Customers always appreciate when staff members remember their favorite order. Now facial recognition technology brings that same personal touch to self-service kiosks. By scanning a customer’s appearance as they approach a self-service kiosk, the technology quickly recognizes a customer and pulls up his or her order history.

With their most recent meals already on display, customers can speed through the ordering process in just a few taps. In addition to sweetening the customer experience, this extra convenience can also give your staff the chance to prepare more orders before the day is done.

Cloud-based scheduling cultivates flexibility

One of the biggest challenges restaurant owners face is creating a schedule that works for everybody. With cloud-based scheduling technology, such concerns may soon become a thing of the past. Whether it’s swapping shifts or requesting time off, cloud-based scheduling enables front- and back-of-house staff members to manage their schedules while on the go. Better yet, you can use the technology to set up schedules, chat with employees and even send real-time notifications directly to their smartphones.

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