Do’s and Don’ts of Setting Holiday Hours

With another holiday season upon us, customers may spend less time eating out and more time preparing meals at home. At the end of 2016, restaurants saw a dip in in-store traffic¹ — making the winter months a perfect opportunity to take some extra time off.

Looking to prepare your restaurant for the holidays? Check out some of the do’s and don’ts of setting holiday hours.


  • Get the word out. Use social media to let customers know about any upcoming changes to your restaurant’s hours. And be sure to mention when you’ll be back in business.
  • Update your services. When it comes to operating pick up and delivery during the holidays, Grubhub has you covered. With just a few clicks, you can set holiday hours anytime, anywhere.
  • Communicate internally. The sooner you strike up an open and honest conversation with your staff about holiday hours and time off requests, the easier it will be to create a schedule that works for everyone.
  • Be flexible. Can’t give an employee the time off they’re looking for? Ask other staff members if they’d be willing to swap shifts or adjust your restaurant hours as needed.


  • Leave loose ends untied. Create a list of things that need to be taken care of — and check it twice! From contacting suppliers to organizing inventory, help your staff prepare for the break in routine.
  • Keep your door closed. Set up office hours so that staff members can share any questions or concerns as the holidays approach. Tackling potential issues ahead of time will ensure things run smoothly even as business starts to heat up.
  • Forget to follow up. Give yourself a few minutes each day to check email for catering or private party requests. Getting back to customers quickly may boost your chances of landing a special event during the new year.

The holidays often mean two things — food and family.

As the holidays quickly approach, now’s the time to consider trading in long hours for savory meals and even better company.

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¹TDn2K, The Restaurant Industry Snapshot, December 2016