Round-Up: Loyalty Software to Consider for Your Restaurant

Loyalty programs are a simple, cost-effective way to attract and keep new customers. Research shows that 65% of Americans are part of at least one restaurant loyalty program. And nearly 26% are members of four or more programs.  

The right loyalty program will be an effective, measurable marketing tool for your restaurant that encourages repeat business. Loyalty programs also deliver value to your customers through personalized services and the opportunity to earn rewards.

What Customers Want From Loyalty Programs

Customers expect more from loyalty programs than just redeeming points or filling up a punch card. When surveyed for Oracle’s Recipe for Engagement report, customers said they join a restaurant loyalty program based on a few important factors.

  • Relevance of rewards (73% of customers) — If your customers enjoy mobile ordering, try offering a promo code that will give them a discount on all online orders.
  • How easy it is to redeem rewards (68% of customers) — If loyalty rewards expire too quickly or are difficult to earn, customers may not continue using your program. Make sure there’s a simple, user-friendly process in place for your customers to rack up rewards and redeem them when ready.


Loyalty Programs to Consider

Finding the right loyalty program for your restaurant doesn’t have to be complicated. Start by identifying what you’re hoping to gain from a loyalty program and how it can help suit your restaurant needs.

  • Looking to get social?
    • Featuring a customer-facing digital loyalty program with social media integration and easy in-restaurant loyalty displays, Belly allows you to collect customer information after every visit. This can lead to an increase in customer visits by up to 54% and a boost to your revenue growth.
  • Ready to ditch plastic loyalty cards?
    • Upserve syncs with the credit cards customers use to pay, meaning there’s no need to distribute physical loyalty cards or ask customers to download apps. Use the loyalty platform to reward guests based on total spend and visit frequency.


  • Need to spice things up with existing customers?
    • With its sweepstakes-style, limited-time campaigns, Quikly taps into your database of existing customers and give diners the opportunity to invite friends and family to join in — which may also help attract new customers. Quikly serves as a great way to enhance your existing loyalty offerings or re-engage with loyal customers.
  • Searching for something compatible with your Point-of-Sale (POS) system?
    • Toast helps more customers opt into your loyalty program by integrating point-of-sale (POS) loyalty sign-ups with the ordering and payment processes. The platform also allows you to customize points and rewards to fit your business.


A strong loyalty program is key to helping you build and maintain your business. And once you find the right loyalty program, you can tailor it to the needs of your restaurant — and your customers.

Interested in connecting with more customers and keeping them coming back for more? Learn more about Grubhub’s integration with some of the leading POS systems, including Breadcrumb POS from Upserve, Toast and MICROS.