Is Your Restaurant Ready to Ride the Tableside Cart Trend?

Looking to switch things up in your restaurant? The return of tableside cart service is giving restaurants an entertaining way to bring the kitchen to customers — in style. 

Though tableside carts aren’t a new concept, they’re making a strong comeback.

From serving up desserts or pouring drinks, to slicing choice meats or mixing up salads, tableside cart service is giving customers the ultimate, less-than-typical dining experience. And at a time when restaurants are going above and beyond to attract new customers with services like delivery and takeout, standing out from competitors is a great way to generate new business for your establishment.

However, you don’t want to jump into offering tableside cart service without taking a close look at your operations. Before deciding if you’re ready to roll, consider the following questions:

What makes your restaurant unique?

Customers are looking for memorable experiences, even in the dining room. Rolling carts present an excellent opportunity to highlight specialty items at the moment of ordering and delight customers in an unexpected way. As a result, your popular dishes and drinks can become an instant knockout.

Is tableside cart service within your budget?

Many customers are willing to pay for an entertaining dining experience. But keep in mind that introducing tableside service requires more than just purchasing carts, you will also have to spend time properly training staff and possibly updating your menu. However, satisfied customers can serve as great promoters helping you to build retention and brand awareness.

Would your restaurant benefit from a trial period?

The best way to decide if tableside cart service will work for your restaurant is to give it a test run. Instead of jumping right in by ordering several carts and adding the service to your list of offerings, start small. Prepare one or two menu items on rolling carts and see how customers react. If the service is popular and you’ve received positive feedback, try expanding it further.

With a creative and open mind, this offering can be a hit for your restaurant. But don’t forget to consider your current restaurant offerings as well as time and budget constraints before digging into tableside cart services. 

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