3 Easy Ways To Show Your Delivery Drivers Some Love

It’s that time of year again — love is in the air and customers are ready to celebrate with a delicious meal. And while you’re busy preparing for the increase in diners and online orders that typically happen on Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember your delivery drivers. Continue reading

Choosing the Right POS for Your Restaurant

From tabletop tablets and online ordering, to mobile apps and self-service kiosks, technology is extremely important to restaurant customers.

Innovative point of sale (POS) solutions help you meet these expectations while also introducing added benefits to your business. In fact, nearly 90% of restaurant owners agree an upgraded POS can raise staff productivity and streamline business performance.¹

Not sure which POS is right for your restaurant? Start with these tips.

  • Set your budget. Before starting your search, determine your budget. Can’t put an exact number on it? Don’t sweat it. A general estimate is guaranteed to help speed up the process.
  • Identify pain points. Figure out what’s working in your restaurant’s existing POS system — and what’s not. From there, you can decide which POS capabilities will help fill the gaps.
  • Do a demo. You never know how a POS system will hold up until you test it. Getting up close and personal with your top choices may shed light on which is the best fit.

Looking for more guidance on selecting the right POS? Download “Making the Most of Your Restaurant’s POS” to learn how Grubhub’s POS integration can streamline your restaurant operations.

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¹Upgrading to a Next-Generation Restaurant POS System, Starfleet Media

Enabling Delivery – One Restaurant Owner’s Story

Meet Letizia Sorano, chef and owner of Enoteca Roma Ristorante. As her business grew over the years, so did Letizia’s desire to bring Enoteca Roma’s authentic Italian cuisine to more customers across Chicago. Here’s how Grubhub made delivery a reality.delivery to customers

Though it started as a bakery and coffee shop, Enoteca Roma transformed into the restaurant it is today when hungry diners began requesting dinner options. Along with more food offerings, Letizia also wanted to share Enoteca Roma with customers throughout Chicago.

But Letizia admits offering delivery – and dealing with the complexities that came with it – wasn’t easy. She needed a delivery solution that was reliable and efficient, and also helped expand her delivery capabilities.

About five years ago, Letizia joined Grubhub.

Grubhub takes away the hassle associated with delivery, giving Letizia more time to do what she loves the most – cooking Italian food, sharing it with Chicago and interacting with customers. By handling the entire delivery process, Grubhub helps restaurant owners like Letizia reach even more customers.

To learn more about Letizia’s story, check out this video.

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