3 Simple Ways to Cut Costs in the Kitchen

Regardless of how big or small your restaurant may be, cutting costs is likely a top priority. From ramping up marketing efforts to giving staff members raises and promotions, saving a few dollars here and there can give you the opportunity to improve your restaurant in a number of different ways. Continue reading

3 Commonly Overlooked Locations to Open a Restaurant

When it comes to choosing a location for your restaurant, you might be looking into leasing a space in an up-and-coming neighborhood with heavy foot traffic and a vibrant culinary scene. But while there’s plenty of success to be had in opening a standalone restaurant, this isn’t your only option to bring in major profits. Continue reading

How to Respond to Negative Restaurant Reviews

With every less-than-perfect review comes the opportunity to improve your restaurant. Not only can a few words of criticism highlight areas of your restaurant that need tidying up, but they also give you the chance to win over a disgruntled diner. Continue reading

How to Overcome Restaurant Delivery Pet Peeves

As a restaurant owner, you’ve put a lot of work into providing diners with an excellent customer experience when they dine at your establishment. So it’s only natural for you to maintain these high customer service standards when it comes to delivery. Continue reading

5 Enticing Benefits of Opening a Restaurant Franchise

When an aspiring entrepreneur is ready to jump into restaurant ownership, a common question is: should I start from scratch or open a franchise? While both options offer promise, they also come with their distinct challenges, so it’s important to fully consider the responsibilities, amount of capital and experience needed before choosing your path. Continue reading

How to Hire the Right Restaurant Manager

The quick pace of the restaurant industry calls for effective decision-making at a moment’s notice. But as your restaurant grows, keeping tabs on everything going on can be a challenge, and restaurant managers often are the ones taking on this burden. Continue reading

Tips for Opening a Second Restaurant Location

After a few years of consistent success in the restaurant industry, it’s natural to spend more time thinking about potential next steps to grow your business. The possibilities are endless, including adding delivery and online ordering options, expanding the space at your current restaurant, opening a second location, and more. Continue reading