From Robots to Drones: Restaurant Tech of the Future

Mobile apps, tableside payments, online ordering and electronic menus are just a few examples of restaurant technology that has seen widespread adoption in recent years. While such technology has been well received by both restaurant owners and customers, other emerging technology might take a bit more convincing before it becomes mainstream. Continue reading

Tips for Making the Most of Social Media Recipe Videos

Social media marketing for restaurants comes in countless forms: status updates, polls, tweets and snaps, to name a few. Though each of these tactics is a proven way to drum up awareness for your restaurant, a new food-centric trend is quickly dominating diners’ social feeds: recipe videos. Continue reading

Are You Ready for These Five Crazy Food Trends?

From modern twists on old classics to lesser-known ingredients just waiting to be discovered, a handful of creative food trends take the culinary world by storm each year. Check out five of the latest food trends to learn how your restaurant can begin attracting diners and critics who are eager to discover what all the buzz is about. Continue reading

What to Know About Restaurant Payments Security Trends

Restaurant industry sales topped $700 billion in 2015. The 3.8 percent increase from 2014 marked the sixth straight year sales have grown. As more diners choose to satisfy their hunger at restaurants, you have the opportunity to increase revenue by investing in payment methods that both maximize convenience and protect customers’ personal information. Continue reading

4 New Trends in Restaurant Tipping

One of the most influential restaurateurs in America, Danny Meyer, CEO of the Union Hospitality Group, thinks tipping could soon be a thing of the past, while some restaurants are using new technology to encourage their diners to chip in an extra buck. Continue reading

Mapping the Mobile Payments Landscape

Mobile payment technology is still in its relative infancy, but customers are always on the lookout for new ways to incorporate technology and convenience into their dining experiences. Looking at the restaurant mobile payment landscape, there many options for diners to pay for their meal via smartphone. Continue reading

Is a Bigger Menu Really Better?

In the restaurant industry, size always matters. From meal portions to dining area square footage or take-out containers, the right size can make or break a customer’s experience. And the same applies to restaurant menus. Continue reading