Calculate your potential profit from a Grubhub partnership

Many restaurant owners are focused on maintaining their profit margins and are wondering how a third party delivery service could impact them.  Grubhub has put together a new profitability calculator that enables restaurant owners to input their specific fixed costs and expenses to calculate the additional revenue they could see with a Grubhub partnership.  

Potential Grubhub partners can choose to select Grubhub delivery services in the calculator, which is a flat 10% fee per order.  Partners are also welcome to use their own delivery drivers for no charge. 

Many of our current customers find that fulfilling orders from Grubhub requires no additional overhead, labor, or fixed expenses, and therefore they are able to see direct profits from their partnership. 

When restaurants partner with Grubhub, they can expect increased revenue without substantial increases to their fixed costs. Try our profit calculator to see for yourself what joining Grubhub could mean for your business. By adding delivery services and joining our marketplace, you too can get more orders and more profits.

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