Online Ordering Data Reveals Gender Differences in Takeout Dining

Throughout the years, numerous studies on gender differences—from the make-up of our brains and bodies to how we select mates and process emotions—reveal the dissimilarities between men and women. The GrubHub team wondered, when it comes to the foods adults select when ordering from a restaurant, are men and women that different?


GrubHub data analysts set out to discover if restaurant food preferences between men and women really exist along with what, if any, those preferences are. An examination of pick-up and delivery orders from GrubHub’s network of more than 30,000 takeout restaurants reveals that the gender divide becomes clear when looking at specific food groups, cuisine types and particular order trends (the where and when).


The data reveals insights for restaurateurs seeking to better understand their takeout and delivery customers.


GrubHub Inc. Ordering Habits Infographic FINAL 9.29

GrubHub Inc. Meal Parts Infographic


The Bottom Line

GrubHub’s data on the ordering habits of the
 sexes reveals that although men and women
 frequently order many of the same foods—pizza, fries and soda, to name a few—when
 it comes to menu items ordered less frequently, distinct gender preferences become more apparent. Whether fueled by a need to indulge or a gender predisposition, men more often than women fill their takeout bags with meat-based foods. Women, typically stereotyped as the more health-conscious of the sexes, tend to order healthier foods more often than men.


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