NRA Show 2015: Restaurant Innovation Through Consumer Data

NRA Show 2015, the largest gathering of restaurant, foodservice and lodging professionals, is just around the corner. At the annual event, 63,000 attendees from around the world will descend on Chicago’s McCormick Place from May 16-19, hungry to learn about the latest restaurant trends.
One of the key trends on the menu for NRA Show 2015 is technology; from tableside tablets to Big Data to online ordering, there are countless new technologies your restaurant can implement to improve the customer experience. GrubHub CEO and founder Matt Maloney will focus on technology, sales and data in an Education Session at NRA Show 2015 titled, “Driving Restaurant Innovation Through Consumer Data.”

Is your restaurant delivering on what customers want? Processing more than 200,000 orders a day, GrubHub has unparalleled access to restaurant industry data, and Matt will provide session attendees with insight into consumer behavior and how that compares to what restaurants are currently offering. Attendees will leave with knowledge about consumer behavior and best practices, both to implement in their current restaurants or to start a new entrepreneurial venture.

More specifically, Matt will discuss:

  • What your order data can tell you about customer behavior and the advantages of having a dynamic menu
  • The numbers behind delivery boundaries and how they impact your business
  • Surprising consumer and restaurant insights GrubHub has learned through its own testing
  • How today’s influx of restaurant industry data is creating opportunities for a new generation of restaurants
  • Thoughts on the future of restaurants and ways to rethink the traditional restaurant model

GrubHub’s Education Session will take place on Monday, May 18 from 10-11 a.m. at booth 5575. See a list of the rest of the NRA Show 2015 Education Sessions here.

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