How to Market Healthy Menu Items to New Year’s Resolution-ers

New year, new resolutions. When the ball drops and 2016 is officially in the rearview, your diners will start making good on their New Year’s resolutions ranging from spending less money to spending more time with family – and perhaps most famously, eating healthier.

In 2016, “live a healthier lifestyle” and “lose weight” were the second and third most popular New Year’s resolutions. As a restaurant owner, the new year offers the opportunity for you to attract new diners and increase revenue by highlighting your healthy menu items. Following are three tips to help you appeal to diners ready to embark on a journey of healthier food choices.

Promote healthy menu options via email marketing and social media

Email newsletters and social media are both effective ways to spread the word about healthier menu options. You can even craft your messaging specifically around making better choices in the New Year. Spread the word about new, lighter food fare – or promote longtime favorite menu items – that will appeal to health-conscious diners. You can also display signage in your restaurant at the counter or on menus, so dine-in customers know about healthier options ahead of ordering.

Be transparent with nutritional information

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates major chain restaurants make nutritional information readily available to diners. Even if you’re not a big-box restaurant, sharing nutrition facts is good business practice. Create small brochures that are available at the front of your restaurant or upon request. You can also include nutritional information under each menu item to be as transparent as possible to diners. Consider including a key with icons for healthy menu options, including low carb, low sodium and vegetarian. Diners will appreciate knowing exactly what is in their food.

Offer healthy substitutes to existing meal options

Targeting a more health-conscious crowd doesn’t mean you need to completely overhaul your menu. A cost-effective way to provide better-for-you options to diners is by giving them substitution options. For example, any dish offering white rice can be swapped out with brown rice. Fried chicken on a salad? Offer to grill it instead. This way, customers can still enjoy menu staples, but customize orders to meet their healthy eating goals.

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