Introducing Grubhub’s Branded Virtual Restaurants

Throughout this year of uncertainty, independent restaurants have faced so many changes and challenges. Although the industry is rapidly evolving, there’s one trend that continues to accelerate — virtual restaurants

Advantages of a Branded Virtual Restaurant

You may have heard of the unique iterations of virtual restaurants including ghost-kitchens, shared kitchens or cloud kitchens. While they’re not all the same, they do share the similarity of being delivery-only and accepting orders exclusively through online marketplaces, like Grubhub. The advantages of running a virtual restaurant are testing new menu concepts or menu items, and capturing unmet customer demand for a unique cuisine.

With the help of partners like restaurateur Robert Earl—founder of Planet Hollywood and owner of 350+ restaurants, and Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises — we’ve launched Branded Virtual Restaurants! These are pre-built virtual menus that are backed by a celebrity or restaurant group, and able to launch with your own kitchen and staff. 

Top 3 reasons to love Branded Virtual Restaurants: 

  • Pay no franchise fees or startup costs to launch your branded virtual restaurant; only pay for the food ingredients and packaging. 
  • Restaurants can earn a new revenue stream without added labor or additional overhead costs
  • A restaurant can earn twice the amount of exposure to customers in your area with having two restaurant listings on our app

Celebrity-backed Branded Virtual Restaurants

Branded Virtual Restaurants on Grubhub include Pauly D’s Italian Subs and Mario’s Tortas Lopez. With these unique concepts and more, restaurants have the ability to attract new customers and increase sales—fast. The celebrity or restauranteur involvement, combined with the strength of Grubhub’s vast delivery network, positions these brands to take off running when they reach the market. 

Learn more about joining Grubhub today and getting access to Branded Virtual Restaurants here.